The Peninsula Roller Girls will take on the Sacred City Derby Girls team, The Donna Party, in a brutal battle to the finish.


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The Peninsula Roller Girls will take on the Sacred City Derby Girls team, The Donna Party, in a brutal battle to the finish.

The Peninsula Roller Girls will take on the Sacred City Derby Girls team, The Donna Party, in a brutal battle to the finish.  Come out and watch your favorite roller girls on November 9th!  Doors open at 8:00 pm, game starts at 8:30.  Tickets are $10 pre-sale and $12 at the door.





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From the League to me:


Congratulations! You have successfully completed PRGU and passed your skills testing.  You are now ready to move on to learning the rest of the WFTDA basic skills.  On behalf of PRG we would like to invite you to join the league. Joining a league is an incredible experience and a commitment. The ongoing success of every derby league is dependent on the dedication and hard work of its members.  We would like to encourage you to think long and hard about the level of commitment you are making.  If you are ready to make that commitment and continue your derby journey this is what happens next….

Boot Camp


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My leagues boot camp is officially over. My last day was yesterday and it was spent testing skills. Sizing us up so to speak. I have a mix of emotions. Relief, sadness, excitement, and numbness. It has hit me that last night was the final skate that the newbies and I would share. Now to wait and see if we made the cut…………..we nervously wait for that email.



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I read something today that reminded me to keep pushing myself:

Success Consists of Getting up Once Oftener Than You Fall Down

It was written through the voice of an 8 year old and such a simple statement reminds me not to give up even when things are hard, scary, challenging, and intimidating. Roller Derby is a tough game filled with tough people and you have to be tough in mind to survive this game. Believe in yourself! It will happen! Keep following that dream!

The ol’ Standby


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Is eating healthy important in derby? YES! Do I always eat healthy? No.

Key for me is a balancing act. Derby takes up a lot of my time. Skating, practice, rules, social events, etc. So, I don’t always have the extra time to plan out my meals but I do make the healthiest choices with what I have to work with. Want to find out if what you are eating is healthy? Check here

Most people know what is healthy and what is crap. A few things that I love and eat frequently are oatmeal, bananas, Zbars (I know this is for kids but its a perfect portion and less sugar), coconut water, and salmon.

Everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you but what does work for everyone is PORTION CONTROL! I know I get tired of hearing about how it takes 20 minutes for my brain to register that my tummy is full. Sometimes the food is so delicious, I don’t want to stop. BAD IDEA! Try this, I serve myself a kid sized portion (which is funny because it’s actually an adult portion size and we are overfeeding our children but I’ll stay on point here) and once I’m done with my food I’ll walk around for 20 minutes, play with my phone, go to the bathroom, anything really to  get me distracted of eating more. And guess what? It works!

If you are a planner, check out this lovely lady’s blog. I often refer back here for a recipe idea. My favorites recipes from her blog are:  Amaze-balls and B-fast Rellenos

Knee Pain


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One of the things I’m dealing with the most in this sport are knee issues. Since you will spend a lot of time on your knees, it has been really important for me to take care of them. You will find a lot of opinions out there about what works and what doesn’t. You make your own opinion.

For me what is working is:
Icing and resting my knees after a skate

(I don’t do this as much as much as I should)
Supplements:  Glucosamine and Fish oil
Gear:                 Knee gaskets under my knee pads
Fitness:             Core, Ankle, and Knee Conditioning.

My list of products that I use and why I like them.

I’m a big fan of these icepacks: MediChoice Reusable GelPack. Latex Free, Non-Toxic, and Made in the USA. They stay cold for 45 minutes and are very pliable. I prop a pillow under my knee wrap the icepack with a bandana and tie it loosely behind my knee and take turns with it off and on every 10 minutes.

The glucosamine and the fish oil that Im taking are both by Nature Made brand. I purchased mine through Amazon but I’m sure you could find them at a Walgreens, Whole Foods, or any other store that carries vitamins. I’m a fan of Nature Made because they don’t carry artificial colors or ingredients. They are free of filler (yeast and gluten). No preservatives, YAY!

Glucosamine Nature Made TripleFlex
This is a good one to take if you are rough on your joints and derby is very rough. Since it’s a two a day thing, I take it in the morning with breakfast and at night with dinner.

Fish Oil Nature Made
I like the product because I only take one a day and it doesn’t have the fishy taste.

Gear: I use the TSG knee gaskets. I detail my experience with the gaskets in this post: Knee Gasket

Fitness: I do a variety of things besides skating to stay fit. I belong to a gym and attend 1-2 times a week, attend an afternoon bootcamp program, occasional hikes, swimming, and off skates PEP training. Each of these activities have benefits that translate to skating but since the topic we are talking about is knee pain, the biggest thing here to keep your knees healthy is weight control and a strong core. The heavier you are the more impact on the knees and the stronger the core the less impact you will use. Your core muscles will do most of the work of lifting up and down off the knees.

Knee Gasket


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When I first started roller derby, I would hear the mention of knee gaskets and a debate would start up of the group that loved them versus the group that hated them. I was impartial until I saw Viva Glam ( take a fall and land on her knee and later come to find out that the pad had shifted during the bout that led to a bruise and soreness that lasted a while. It was then that I decided to invest in knee gaskets.

The TSG knee gaskets that I purchased was a combo of fit, brand, price, and function. My favorite thing about the gasket is the velcro on the top and bottom of the sleeve that “sticks” to the inside of my knee pad. The gaskets are still pretty new to me so I’m still getting used to the feel. They have a pull on design so your pants/shorts should be thin material. They feel a little constricting at first but once you get moving, you don’t notice them at all.

On a final note, you will be sweaty under the gaskets!  Washing them (with love) will be crucial but be easy on ’em. These bad boys ain’t cheap.

TSG Knee Gasket

Hello derby!


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Welcome to my world.

Why derby? Let’s go back to 2010.

I had just celebrated my 3 year anniversary in San Francisco, CA and I still hadn’t found anything that I connected with. I did some soul searching and after a month I had a list:

  • Rollerskating
  • Hip Hop Dancing
  • Gymnastics
  • Art

So there my journey began to find a way to make this possible.

So now here we are in 2012 and I never made it past the first one on my list. Once I started  searching the whens and wheres of skating I discovered ROLLER DERBY, fell in love and so now here we are.

I came across an old post while searching for some derby girls in the Bay Area. I was so green but I read it now and laugh.